Why Use a Travel Agent? I Can Just Book Our Group Travel Online…

Yes, you can. But here are the benefits of booking with Summit Quest that you miss out on when you book your group trips online:

  1. Direct access to decision makers – in case of issues (delayed flights, bumped passengers) we can make a few calls and resolve things quickly for you.
  2. Discounted airfares – often group fares are lower than regular published fares AND offer your group the choice of travel dates and times. We do the research for you to find the best prices and schedule to fit your needs.
  3. Simplified booking – Most airlines only allow you to book 8 or 9 seats online at a time – so to book 50 people you would have to make 6 different reservations (going through the entire booking process 6 times), to get all 50 people on the same flight. The odds are by the time you’ve made your 3rd or 4th reservation the flight will be full, so you’ll have to find another flight for the remaining people. Flying with a group is tough enough without having people¬†spread over multiple flights with different departure and arrival times. Can you say headache? We can simplify it and book the whole group for you.
  4. Special benefits for being a high-volume American Airlines account – we have access to dedicated agents, priority handling with contracts, direct access to Revenue Management for special requests and many other benefits not available to regular group bookings.
  5. Limited money down – you pay 15% down, then final payment with passenger names 45 days prior to departure. Group airfare also allows you to reduce or cancel seats with fewer financial restrictions.
  6. Ability to change passenger names – since names aren’t required until final ticketing date your group can change names FREE prior to ticketing. (Online tickets require you to book, issue names AND PAY IN FULL. Once issued, tickets are “non-refundable.” They cannot be reimbursed if cancelled).
  7. Range of services – we can arrange special services like spa treatments, fine dining and private airline charters in addition to transportation, lodging, rental arrangements and ski lift tickets.
  8. Direct, 24 X 7 access to problem-solvers – if you have any type of problem or question before or during your trip, you call us and we’ll handle it – period. Are you given the cellphone number of an agent familiar with your trip when you book online? You’ll have ours.¬†

We’ll save you time AND save you money. Give us a call toll-free at (866) 758-9309 and we’ll show you how it works.