1. Before You Start Planning: Check. Read any State Department Travel Warnings for the country you want to visit – due to civil unrest, dangerous conditions, terrorist activity or because the U.S. has no diplomatic relations with the country (difficult to help citizens in distress).
  2. 360 Days Before Trip: Plan. Call us to discuss your trip, itinerary, budget, etc.
  3. 180 Days Before Trip: Confirm. Select your flights and pay the trip deposit
  4. 120 Days Before Trip: Fill. Begin registering youth for the trip
  5. 45 Days Before Trip: Finalize. Final names and ticketing are due
  6. After Finalizing: Relax! Don’t worry – we know you’ll have some name changes after you’ve registered people but before the trip. We’ll work with you on these to simplify your life and improve your experience.

Featured image by Nick Scheerbart via unsplash.com.