Thinking about how to get the most from your budget? Want to be a good steward with the resources provided for your youth? Whatever the reason, consider these 3 ways you can save money for your group.

  • Do your own meals. Grab a team of people to plan, buy the food and cook while on your trip. Great ideas such as lasagna and chicken spaghetti can be stored on coolers until you arrive, then pop them in the oven for a fast and inexpensive option for dinners. Breakfast options like cereal bars, fruit, and breakfast burritos are easy enough for even 7th grade boys to make:) Lunch options like sandwiches, chips and fruit or a candy bar and juice boxes travel well and provide options for the group.
  • Write your own devotional material. Sure, you can always buy great material, but how about writing your own? Hey, it’s youth ministry so how about some “collaboration” with your friends on what they have done in this area.
  • Book your trip in advance. Sure, it’s my job to get you to book trips, but smart group leaders know that booking late costs money, limits options and creates stress for you. Big trips like ski trips, mission trips and summer camps need at least 6 months to plan and implement. Let us help you out with our cool budget forms.

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