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Travel Services

One contact for booking — and any concerns on your trip.
Bus question? Call us. Airline glitch? Call us. Hotel snag? You get it — Call us.

At Summit Quest our goal is to Simplify Your Life and Improve Your Experience. This means our travel knowledge, experience and connections gained over the years prevent ‘hiccups’ to ensure you have a positive experience . We take care of the details for you, keep everything organized so your trip goes smoothly, and support you 24 x 7 while you travel by addressing questions or concerns.

What’s so special about the single point of contact perk with Summit Quest?

If you’ve ever booked group travel online and then had an issue during your trip, you can appreciate the value of having a single contact to handle any question or problems. We’ve heard many client horror stories of trying to reach a person that has left for the day or being on hold for 30 minutes while someone researches their reservations —meanwhile 20 people are calling and texting to ask if the issue has been resolved.

Vail Colorado

Winter Hijinks Ensue! Vail, Colorado Ski Resort

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Travel Planning Services

We are an experienced youth ministry team so we understand how to plan a trip from both the travel and ministry perspectives to make it successful for all involved.  We’ll research to find the best arrangements and book them for you, then act as a single point of contact during your trip.

We can help you with any or all of the following for both domestic and international trips:


aviation icon charter bus icon transportation  vehicle icon Transportation

  • Air Travel: commercial flights and private airline charters
  • Charter Buses
  • Vans and Cars
    • 15-Passenger and Cargo vans
  • Minivans, Trucks and SUVs
  • Compact through Premium and Luxury cars

lodging Lodging

  • Hotels or condominiums

meetings icon Meeting Rooms

meals icon Meals

  • Group meals throughout trip
  • Reservations for special dinners out

activities icon Activities

  • Tickets for shows, sporting events, museums
  • Bus, trolley or walking tour arrangements
  • Theme park and water park passes
  • High octane adventures — white water rafting, zip lines
  • Ski lessons, lift tickets and equipment rentals
  • Spa Treatments and many others — just ask!

Horseback Riding Breckenridge, Colorado Resort

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Beautifully Groomed Ski Slopes Vail, Colorado Resort

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Consulting Services

Sometimes clients wish to tap into our expertise with unique requests: to educate their staff, volunteers, or parents in an area related to what we do; to brainstorm about an unusual event or trip that is outside the scope of our services; to speak to a group about using travel to expand their youth ministry program; or to assist them in developing domestic or international mission trip opportunities.

Summit Quest’s consulting services are a perfect fit for these situations:

  • Idea generation for special trips or events
  • Volunteer training
  • Speaking engagements
  • Establishing domestic and international connections for various trips
consulting questions

Types of Trips


We book many different types of trips whether they are local, across the U.S. or international:

  • Mission Trips, Choir Tours, Youth Week Outings
  • Ski Retreats
  • School, Band and Choir Trips
  • Summer Camp and Beach Trips
  • Sports Team Treks and Scouting Adventures
  • Family Reunions and Corporate Retreats
  • International Excursions

Make progress on your trip planning by:


  • Browsing our trip ideas to gain further information
  • Completing our travel form to start booking
  • Getting to know us better on the About Us page
  • Contact us via phone or email with any questions or to discuss trip arrangements

Mountain Biking Vail, Colorado Resort

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Trip Insurance


We offer trip insurance for any kind of travel. 

  • Mission Trips, Choir Tours, Youth Week Outing
  • Ski Retreats
  • School, Band and Choir Trips
  • Summer Camp and Beach Trips
  • Sports Team Treks and Scouting Adventures
  • Family Reunions and Corporate Retreats
  • International Excursions
  • Personal Travel
  • And more!

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Is Your Group Ready to Travel?

Winter at Vail, Colorado Resort

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