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About Us

Road to Summit Quest

You don’t have to stress for success. Relax and put our youth ministry and group travel experience to work for you.

After spending 10+ years as a youth minister, Rod Bishop founded Summit Quest in 2003 to focus his passion for youth ministry in a different area – planning ski retreats for youth groups. Rod understood the amount of time required to plan trips as well as the possible pitfalls. With those things in mind his motto became “Simplify Your Life. Improve Your Experience.”

Over time Summit Quest expanded to include other youth outings such as mission trips, choir tours, school trips, scout adventures and sports team outings as well as family reunions and corporate retreats.

Traveling the World! 

Summit Quest is comprised of staff that have significant experience in both group travel AND youth ministry. We understand how to structure your trip for a successful outcome, from both the ministry and travel perspectives.


Company Leaders Rod and Cheryl Bishop:

  • Rod 10 years as a Youth Minister
  • IATAN certified travel agents
  • Camp Directors at Conference level camps
  • Mission Trip coordinators – statewide mission trips
  • Numerous other youth opportunities

Mountaintop Adventures! 

”Mountaintop experiences have long been a part of my journey through this life. The solitude of the moment while sitting on the chairlift experiencing the cool wind, celebrating panoramic creation, and marveling at the view from the summit are times that have brought me peace.

Sitting among a group of teenagers after a long day of skiing or hiking, listening to stories of fellowship, seeing the bonds of friendship grow through faithful living, singing in praise, and praying hand-in-hand are the moments that have renewed my spirit. These have been the mountaintop experiences that continue to sustain me.

As a former youth minister, I want to be of service to youth ministers in the local church as they plan retreats and trips that provide the experiences that will affect the lives of youth in profound and everlasting ways.”

Rod Bishop, President of Summit Quest

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