Planning a Trip to Visit a Presidential Library

Do you have a youth or family group interested in planning a trip, but are unsure which is the best Presidential Library to visit? The steps below can help your group move through the decision process together:

  • read about each library and the types of exhibits offered
  • review articles noting the best presidential library as ranked by previous visitors
  • consider the types of exhibits or period of history your group is most interested in exploring
  • rank the libraries your group most wants to see
  • check the locations of the libraries
  • think about how long you plan to stay
  • decide how many libraries you want to see
  • ask if the libraries offer special activities, pricing or schedules for groups
  • make your travel plans


Reviewing Previous Visitors’ Input on Which is the Best Presidential Library

The first steps in choosing which library to visit are understanding what the presidential libraries offer, and researching previous visitors’ top picks for best presidential library. These steps will show you what is available to see, and what others have found during their visit. Although each one is different, at Presidential Libraries you will find:

  • museums featuring interactive exhibits
  • interesting and fun public programs
  • important educational events
  • vast archives available for scholarly research


Read some articles identifying the best presidential libraries. Although all of the libraries feature exhibits and programs they will all be different. Scanning reviews can help you decide which libraries your group will find most interesting and whether the group wants to see more than one. In the article below, the author ranks the 10 best libraries and describes what is unique and interesting about each one.

10 Best Presidential Libraries to Visit on a Family Vacation

After you read some reviews, have your group rank the libraries. Take note of the tips from other visitors about each library, such as the amount of time they spent at the library, which exhibits were their favorites, and whether the library is more crowded at one time of day or another. These tips will help you make decisions about your trip.

Selecting Your Destination and Schedule

Check the locations of the libraries your group most wants to see, and note any others that are close enough to see on the same trip. Getting some preliminary pricing on travel may help you narrow your choices. Decide how long your trip will be, and how many libraries you will visit. Be sure to ask the libraries if they offer any special activities, pricing, tours or hours for groups. Finally, plan the details of your trip. Don’t forget that Summit Quest can save you time in your trip planning as we do it every day, and we are happy to help!

Whichever library you choose, you can’t go wrong by giving your group a chance to explore our country’s history and the leaders who helped shape our nation. They will learn from the trip, possibly form an opinion on which is the best presidential library, and if you plan it right they will have fun in the process.

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