Air Travel Expenses (Usually the most expensive option)

  • Airline tickets: prices vary by destination, lead time and dates
  • Luggage fees
  • Shuttle between home and airport or parking
  • Transportation at destination
  • Benefits: Fastest way to travel; best way to cross land borders (you can take a boat to London but we recommend flying:)

Bus Travel Expenses (Usually falls in between air and van travel costs)

  • Bus rental: typical cost is $1200 – $1500 per day
  • Gas: included in rental cost and YOU don’t have to stand at the pump to fill it up
  • Driver: paid, professional driver – Summit Quest includes driver in your cost
  • Driver hotel room: Summit Quest includes driver’s room in cost
  • Driver meals: Summit Quest includes driver’s meals in cost for you
  • Driver tips: Customary and not included in the cost
  • Insurance: Summit Quest includes it in the cost for you
  • Benefits: Professional driver lets you focus on people not roads; safe; earth-friendly

Van Travel Expenses (Usually the least expensive travel option)

  • Van rental: around $700 for weekly rental ($130 for daily rental)
  • Gas: You pay for it AND stand at the pump:)
  • Insurance: Check with your church or buy before you leave
  • Benefits: Great small group bonding time, fun to decorate, flexible travel

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