Why Go by Train or by Boat?

  1. Offers students a new, exciting experience.
  2. Kids have more freedom to move around than on airplanes.
  3. May allow more students to go on the trip since travel is typically less expensive than airline tickets.

By Train

  • Plan ahead to get discounts – don’t pay top rates as train travel can get expensive.
  • Be sure to ask for student discounts as they are offered by most rail operators.
  • On Amtrak you can often find deals 15-30% off if purchased by a certain date.
  • You can get last-minute deals similar to¬†airline e-mail deals but restrictions often apply (e.g., can’t travel on Friday or Sunday); works best if your dates are flexible.

By Ferry

  • If taking the ferry to reach another attraction, be sure to first check wait times and travel times; there can be a big difference between slow speeds and express crossings.
  • Bring Dramamine in case anyone gets motion sickness.
  • Consider bringing drinks and snacks as they are expensive on board.
  • If you are taking a car on the ferry get everything out that you’ll need during the crossing as you probably won’t have access to your vehicle once under way.

Featured image by Thomas Lefebvre via unsplash.com.