Below are some tips to help things go smoothly between you and your spouse while you are away traveling on group trips.

  • Stay in touch and be proactive about your schedule.
  • While on trips, call at reasonable times to be able to talk with your kids and spouse…not 1:30 AM when all the students have finally gone to sleep.
  • Be sensitive that your spouse is home taking care of kids, dogs, house, bills, lawn, etc. Be thankful and demonstrate it.  You remember the love language of your spouse, right?
  • Do NOT post on the interwebs that “this is the best day of my life” while on a trip. This translates to your spouse as “our wedding stunk”.
  • Don’t freak out your spouse, the Summit Quest office OR parents of youth on your trip by posting pictures of middle school kids pushing a charter bus in the middle of the highway. We lose sleep EVERY summer over these funny posts.


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