1. Keep It Simple. Making your travel plans too complicated increases the chances of unexpected mishaps occurring during your trip.
  2. Go With What You Know. Traveling to a city you are familiar with can reduce your stress – reducing chances you (and the group) will get lost and simplifying decisions such as where to eat or which activities to choose.
  3. Ask for Input. Check with experienced youth ministers you know and ask for trip recommendations – destination, lodging, activities and daily schedule. They will be happy to help and you’ll gain the advantage of the lessons they’ve learned over the years.
  4. Start Early. Leaving things until the last minute will not only increase your stress level but will also substantially limit your choices for transportation, lodging and activities. Start laying out your trip plans as early as possible.


What You’ll Need to Get Started

  • Number of people in your group
  • Destination (we have ideas if you’re stumped)
  • Date you want to leave home
  • Date you want to arrive back home
  • Stops on trip
  • Do you need lodging?
  • What type of transportation?
  • What is your budget per person?
  • What other activities do you want to do while there?

We’ll save you time AND money planning your trip. Skeptical? Call us toll-free at (866) 758-9309 and we’ll show you how. The best thing: if there’s a problem on the trip you call Summit Quest and WE take care of it; you spend your time in ministry. We can help you book your entire trip or just the transportation, lodging or any other aspect.

Featured image by Luis Llerena via unsplash.com.