Air Travel Pros

  • Shorter total travel time
  • Can travel farther (international also)
  • Fun and educational view from the airplane
  • Entertaining people-watching
  • On-board bathrooms
  • Entertainment (Wi-Fi, movies)

Air Travel Cons

  • Most expensive (may limit participation)
  • More time getting to and waiting at airport
  • Security restrictions/hassle
  • Space limitations (seating, baggage)
  • Need transportation to/from airport and at destination
  • Baggage fees

Bus Travel Pros

  • Professional driver
  • On-board bathrooms
  • Comfortable seats
  • Ample storage
  • On-board entertainment (Wi-Fi, DVDs, satellite TV)
  • Safest road travel
  • No security restrictions/hassles

Bus Travel Cons

  • More expensive than van travel
  • Longer travel time than flying
  • Less mobility – where one group goes, all must go

Van Travel Pros

  • Lowest cost travel option
  • Versatile/more mobile (groups can go different places)
  • Small group experience in vans
  • Can choose your own music
  • Fun to decorate (group bonding)

Van Travel Cons

  • Longer travel time
  • Need adult drivers
  • You pay for gas
  • 3500 bathroom stops

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