Before departing on your trip, designate one adult on each bus to serve as the bus captain. The bus captain will act as the single point of contact for their bus. Direct all communication for that bus to go through the bus captain to minimize confusion with the bus driver.


Before You Board

  1. Each bus captain should examine the status of the bus and the bathroom before the group boards each day. What a great time to recruit some youth to help!
  2. Get the name and cell phone number of the driver and save it on your phone.
  3. Double check the route of the trip with the driver. Most use GPS, but if you are headed into remote locations verify driving instructions.
  4. Work with the bus driver to coordinate when you will stop and when the youth will be allowed off of the bus. Remember that most buses now have electronic log books, so the driver is limited to 10 hours drive time and 15 hours “on duty,” then they must have 8 hours “off duty.” Make sure that your schedule allows for this.
  5. Examine the DVD player, Wi-fi, Satellite TV (or whatever your bus is equipped with) and find out how to make it work before you leave. 
  6. Post your handy SUMMIT QUEST Bus Sign in the window. Nothing like pulling into the truck stop with 5 other buses and losing a student because they got on the wrong bus:) #realstoriesfromtheRoad
  7. Consider carrying a bus backpack with first aid supplies, trip itinerary, medical forms, and so on.

During the Trip

  1. Power strips are not allowed as they will trip the breaker and everyone loses power. We recommend portable batteries for long trips.
  2. Hammocks, ENOs, etc. hanging inside the bus are not allowed. The bus is fully equipped with seats, so please make sure passengers use them appropriately.
  3. Grab a can of air freshener (or 2 or 3) for those long trips. Essential oils can help, too.
  4. Drinks with lids or screw on caps work best for bus trips. There’s nothing like 14 cans of half-full drinks rolling around making the floor sticky.
  5. TIP – soda + toilet chemicals = smell you never forget. Refrain from dumping soda down the toilet. Everyone will thank you:)

At the End of Each Day

  1. Coordinate luggage handling. What a great time for upperclassmen to demonstrate leadership!
  2. Make sure the bathroom and the bus are somewhat clean. You did pack hand sanitizer, right?

At the End of Your Trip

  1. Make sure the bathroom and the bus are clear of debris.
  2. Thoroughly look through the bus to make sure you have all items from seats, overhead bins, etc. Check between seats as well. You don’t want to find your laptop on eBay a week after your trip.
  3. Tip the bus driver if you are pleased with the service provided.

Please keep in mind that the bus driver’s primary role is to get you to and from your destination safely.

Featured photo by Michelle Maria via pixabay.com.