Sure, you can do it yourself. A gazillion options are available online to help you book your group trip. You can spend hours, days, even weeks planning the perfect trip. We’re not going to tell you how to spend your time, but if you decide you want to enlist the help of trusted experts – call, email or text the group travel experts at Summit Quest. We spend our working hours trolling the internet for great deals, calling the airlines daily to check on the best flight schedules and prices, and cultivating relationships with bus companies, car rental companies, lodges, resorts – you get the idea.

When Issues Arise Travel Agents Can Really Help

When you travel and things go smoothly, it’s easy to forget the value of using a travel agent. However, Summit Quest clients who have experienced issues KNOW the value of being able to call a real person in a panic day or night to get things resolved. Check out some of these true tales from the road, where Summit Quest assisted (don’t worry we won’t out anyone by name or church around here – we’re all human):

  1. “Mechanical difficulties delayed our flight and our group missed our connection.”
  2. “Our bus cut a corner and the wheels aren’t touching the ground.”
  3. “We booked our vans early, but the prices went down after we booked.”
  4. “Our airline changed their luggage policy and our group is facing costly fees.”
  5. “Um, we just realized that the van place closed an hour ago, but we still need 10 vans.”
  6. “Our team made the finals. Can we change our return trip and add a place to stay?”


How Do You Prefer to Spend Your Time?

We like to play “Would you Rather?” in our office sometimes. Imagine your group is headed out of town on a bus, complete with hotel stay and dinner reservations. How would you rather spend your time?

  • Fielding phone calls from the hotel about being one room short on your room block or they lost your tax exempt form and credit card information, directing bus drivers where to park, and negotiating with the restaurant about the meal choices you made a week ago, OR
  • Spending time with your group focusing on building relationships

That’s the Summit Quest difference. We do the behind-the-scenes work for you while you focus on your passion!


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