Don’t let a member of your group be another character on the show “Locked Up Abroad.” Be sure your group follows these tips for your next international trip:

  1. Make sure government identification matches tickets and passport/visa. A passport is required for international travel. Some countries require a passport, visa and health requirements for U.S. citizens traveling. For a complete list, check out:
  2. Register with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
  3. Try the State Department’s free Smart Travel Enrollment Program.
  4. Review local customs, rules, laws, etc. ahead of time and brief your group to make sure you are sensitive to the culture where you will be traveling. For example, if you are traveling to the Middle East you’ll need to bring clothing that is more conservative and considered appropriate to that area. South America won’t allow you to bring fruits and vegetables into the country (forget about your trail mix you packed at home). Texas requires a passport if you live outside the Dallas area. Ok maybe that one is not true:)
  5. Download an app to help you translate languages.
  6. Enjoy the local cuisine.
  7. Make 3 copies of your passport/visa. The first copy goes in the group leader’s carry-on bag. Each individual passenger should pack the second copy in a different bag than their original passport/visa. Leave the third copy at home with your emergency contact.
  8. Check the airline website for baggage allowances.
  9. Review the TSA 311 guidelines for a list of allowed carry on items. Additional travel information at and


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