Online Plumber’s License?

The internet is awesome…sometimes! Duke Waterman decided that he would check online to see how to fix the leak under the sink. He searched the interwebs high and low, watched YouTube videos, stalked the local plumber Facebook group and decided he was informed enough to repair the leak. You know what comes next. He should have called a professional. Unfortunately, we often get calls like this from people who booked their travel online rather than calling group travel professionals.

The End of Duke’s Story

So, back to our story. Duke jumped in and started wrenching away – only he missed one minor step in the job and ended up twisting off the water line inside the wall. After flooding the bathroom, master bedroom and most of the East wing of the house, Duke was able to get the water turned off. He called the professional plumber, who was able to make the repair easily, but Duke spent extra time and money on the clean up and repair. His loving spouse reminded him that next time he should call the pro FIRST and save them both money in the long run. Travel planning is like that sometimes. The internet can be helpful, but it only takes one or two costly mistakes to make it worthwhile to call the group travel professionals at Summit Quest FIRST!

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