Summit Quest booked Spring Break trips to London, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Haiti, Statewide Youth Conference, and Walt Disney World as well as ski trips, Senior Adult trips, Civil Rights trips, Confirmation trips, and many other fun trips. You get the picture, we booked a LOT of Spring Break trips. Almost every trip went extremely well. However, a few ran into travel issues, and Rod Bishop’s group travel expertise and connections helped manage the situation. Check out these true stories – what would YOU do?

True Story #1: Group IN HOT LAVA was in a panic when they found out their returning flight from their Spring Break trip was cancelled due to active volcanoes in Guatemala. The next available flight wasn’t for 5 days and they couldn’t spend 5 EXTRA DAYS out of the U.S. What were they going to do? They called Summit Quest and Rod was already working on it. He got them booked on the next flights out, AHEAD of other passengers.  

True Story #2: Group NOT ON THE ROAD AGAIN’s new bus broke down during their trip. Sure, mechanical things happen on a new bus, just like a new car, but who do YOU know at 3:30 AM that can get you results on short notice so your trip is not ruined? They booked the bus through Summit Quest, so they called Rod and the problem was resolved. Because of Rod’s nationwide connections he was able to find a bus and driver in the middle of the night and the group arrived safely at the happiest place in the world. 

The good news is that groups who DID have issues during their trips had a real person to call – in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night they had someone who could help them out of a difficult situation. This issue is something to consider when deciding whether to book group trips through Summit Quest versus doing it yourself or booking online. #GOSummitQuest 

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